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Over 50 years of experience!

In Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands, we have all the facilities to load and unload trucks, trailers and containers. In addition to the large possibilities for warehousing and transhipment, we have extensive facilities for confectioning and/or converting paper. With our assortment of rewinders, sheet cutters and saws, we can perform a large range of operations from roll to roll and from roll to sheet, where the size of the reels is almost unlimited.

These facilities are used for our sister company Remako Paper & Board BV, as well as in contract for third parties. Neutrality is paramount. We have a skillfull logistics department and can also arrange for the transport of your goods to almost any destination, in addition to the processing, warehousing and transshipment.

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For all your questions about paper and cardboard processing Whether it’s repairing damage or producing customer-specific rolls or sheets, we always have a solution.

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Papyrolux Converters specializes in converting paper and board.

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