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Specializing in paper converting for over 50 years

We convert all types of paper and cardboard for the packaging industry, paper producers, wholesalers, and printers. We also provide storage and transshipment, logistics and documentation. Papyrolux has been converting paper and cardboard since 1966, so we’ve stood the test of time as a reliable partner for the industry. Thanks to our carefully constructed equipment, we can process and produce to almost any specification imaginable, whether it’s sawing, rewinding or cutting sheets. Do you have capacity problems or does your customer need something you can’t produce yourself? Ask us. We can help with rush jobs, too!

Reel to Reel

Rolling (damaged) rolls of paper and cardboard into new rolls.

Reel to Sheet

Cutting (damaged) rolls of paper and cardboard into sheets in a range of sizes.

Storage & Handling

Storage of (damaged) rolls and sheets of paper for third parties.

Sawing reels

Cutting (damaged) rolls of paper and cardboard.

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For all your questions about paper and cardboard processing Whether it’s repairing damage or producing customer-specific rolls or sheets, we always have a solution.

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Papyrolux Converters specializes in converting paper and board.

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